About Me

Ever since I was given my first camera on my 18th birthday, my interest in photography has grown. It wasn’t too long before I upgraded to an SLR and I continued to use it until I finally embraced the digital age, gradually working through different compact cameras before returning to SLR photography. I now work mainly with digital SLRs.
My interest has been as a keen amateur, enjoying photography in its own right, as well as using it to support community events and other interests such as local history.

With a strong interest in both local history and current affairs, I have released photographs non-commercially to local organisations and community groups and I have taken photographs for The Birchwood Partnership and the charity Brainwave at community events they have organised. My photographs have been used by Birchwood Town Council and for the 2013 calendar produced for local charity St Rocco’s Hospice.

I have contributed to a number of displays relating to local history, specific events and contemporary local interest. In 2009 I gave a presentation at a community meeting about the history of a local amenity using photographs and material from my local history collection. In 2010 I was interviewed for a history show on a local radio station.

Since 2010 I have taken photos at several events including new year balls, 18th and 50th birthday parties, sports events and christenings as well as several events at George Sampson’s A2AA dance and performing arts studio. I have also photographed a small number of weddings.

Moving forward, I am interested in more events photography and in exploring ways to use my photographs. I would also like to work with established professional photographers or studios, providing support or resource either one-off or on a more regular basis.

If you would like any prints, or if you wish to use any of my images, please take a look at my Products and Services page or simply get in touch. Similarly if you would like to enquire about any photography jobs, I will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Finally, as I explore new photography opportunities, I am looking to build a portrait portfolio. If you would like me to take any individual or group portraits that I could use in a gallery, please do get in touch.

Thank you for reading this; I hope you enjoy browsing my galleries.