Race Event Photos

I have photos available for sale as digital downloads from a number of race events. Events for previous years are now archived but I can still make photos available for sale on request.


In 2018 I am selling photos through 21C Photos once again as digital downloads at a price of £3.20 per download. My page on the site is here:
Brian Tuohey Events on 21C Photos
Alternatively, you can simply go to the main page and navigate to the events from there: 21C Photos.

  • 25/02/18 - Birchwood Cross Country (on Facebook)

  • 31/05/18 - Birchwood Brook 5K

  • 24/06/18 - Hollins Green 5K

  • 04/07/18 - Forest Park Ladies 5K

  • 05/07/18 - Sale Sizzler 5K #1 (coming soon)

  • 23/06/18 - in addition I helped out as one of the photographers at the St Rocco's Starlight Ladies Walk. High resolution photos are within their gallery on Flickr

2017 EVENTS (archived, but photos available on request)

  • 02/06/17 - Birchwood Brook 5K

  • 17/06/17 - Hollins Green 5K

  • 18/06/17 - Flash in the Park 10K

  • Aug 17 - Birchwood 10K

  • Nov 17 - Festive Flash 5

2016 EVENTS (archived, but photos available on request)

  • 19/06/16 - Flash in the Park 10K

  • 06/07/16 - Forest Park Ladies 5K

  • 21/08/16 - Birchwood 10K (at about 3K)

  • 27/11/16 - Festive Flash Five

2015 EVENTS (archived, but photos available on request)

  • 21/06/15 - Flash in the Park 10K

  • 01/07/15 - Forest Park Ladies 5K

  • 23/08/16 - Birchwood 10K

  • 01/11/15 - Norton Priory 5M

  • 29/11/15 - Festive Flash Five
North West Sunday Cross Country League, Birchwood, 21/02/16

The photos above are from the final race in the North West Sunday Cross Country League in Birchwood on 21/02/2016. For this event and for others where I am not selling the photos I publish the galleries on my Facebook page.

If you are a race event organiser and you would like to ask about me taking photos at your event, please get in touch. I normally work on my own, but I am happy to be part of a larger team of photographers covering an event. An increasing number of race events now offer photographs for free. I would be happy to discuss this option with race organisers. I am also a regular runner and take part in several races each year.

Similarly if you run an event photography business and you are looking to expand your team of photographers on a one-off or more regular basis, then please get in touch.

I only offer race event photos for sale when I am the official event photographer or when I have arranged with the race organiser to do so.